Targeted, individual instruction is the most effective tool in education. 

2 Sigma Education is built around a single, simple goal: maximize the quantity and quality of time teachers spend working with students one-on-one and in small groups.  This goal is achieved by focusing on these three pillars:

Optimization OF teacher and student time

The key to one-on-one instruction is efficient use of teacher and student time. 2 Sigma helps teachers develop schedules, spaces, routines and resources to create ample daily opportunities for one-on-one instruction. 

2 Sigma guides teachers using insights from its extensive classroom trials and the latest education research.

Personalized, independent learning software

Personalized online learning allows students and teachers to focus their time together where it’s needed most.

2 Sigma partners with several of the most sophisticated online content providers in the marketplace today. While teachers work one-on-one and in small groups with some students, others are able to engage in personally-tailored, adaptive online programs to facilitate their educational progress. These online tools engage students, while precisely measuring their progress on a daily basis.

Real-time data on student progress

In order to make one-on-one time as valuable for students as possible, 2 Sigma enables teachers to use up-to-date indicators of student progress on a daily basis. Personalized learning software unobtrusively tracks each student’s progress and struggles in real time. 2 Sigma then collects the data, analyzes it, and delivers daily reports to teachers’ inboxes so they can precisely focus where each child needs their support that day.

2 Sigma transforms a traditional classroom, with the same amount of time and number of students, into a center for one-on-one learning. Schools are matched with 2 Sigma experts, who work with administrators, teachers, and students to plan and execute a smooth and successful implementation. Ongoing on-site and remote coaching helps teachers and students maximize their time, take full advantage of adaptive learning software, and use data to inform instruction. The central office provides daily student reports to teachers and administrators, as well as efficient operational support including purchasing and logistics. Meanwhile, as the 2 Sigma model continues to be refined and improved, schools are able to benefit from constant research & development without having to do it themselves.

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Now that I’ve seen how much my students were able to grow this year, I can’t see myself being a frontal teacher in the future.
— 2nd Grade Teacher